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September 11, 2015

Here are some of the pictures from last week at the Motorola #MotoShoot event that I hosted! I really want to thank the team and photographer Justin Campbell for making it happen.


I’ve never had such a great time at a meet and greet and it was such an amazing experience to meet my followers and take selfies with them!I had so much fun shooting with them using the new Moto X Pure Edition smartphone with 21 megapixels. HANDS DOWN it is the best photo quality I’ve ever used on a phone!


Although I’m not much of a geek when it comes to tech, I was absolutely shocked by all the features of the Moto 360 watch! It was not only dope but was impressed with all of the customizable styling options available on You will definitely see me rocking one of these ASAP 🙂 

Thanks again everyone for the love and support! #MotoShoot #XOMotoX #Moto360

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